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Is God Really Pro-Choice?

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After Vicki Novak sings her version of "On the Wings of a Dove", Pastor Rob steps up and asks the band to join in on a spontaneous song: "To BellRoad Again...."

The fun continues as the Head Coach calls forth two captains, Sister Ann and Sister Thelma.

The girls choose squad-members as Pastor Rob poses the question: "Is God Really Pro-Choice?"

Kick back and enjoy all the bells & whistles of this team-building exercise during these 'new-beginning days' at Bell Road Baptist Church.

The first two scrimmage teams were chosen.

Ann Arthur and the Bells
Bobbi Andrews
John Walker
Delynn Rosenau
Barry Friesen
Tim Willette
Rena Webb
Ben Rosenau
Marcie Mathews
Vicki Novak
Jessy Medina
Dan Clark
Jimmy Arthur

Thelma Hopkins and the Whistles
Jack Caulder
Patti Walker
Curt Harjo
Eleanor Bailey
Bonita Capps
Gary Kovalchik
Patrice Rosenau
Wil David
Karen Epps
Janet Kovalchik
Renee Clark
Dennis Hopkins

You need some youth to run this race . . .