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Boomp3.com: free mp3 hosting

How to share mp3 files:

  1. Like BooMP3.com on Facebook and Google+:
  2. Register at Dropbox
  3. Optional, but recommended: Log in with Facebook
  4. Upload an mp3 file to your Dropbox ( how?)
  5. Wait until it's fully uploaded and then right click it and select "Share Dropbox link" ( how?)
  6. Example:  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/151024/music/Chan%20Chan.mp3
Still no luck? Read a longer how-to

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PasteHTML.com - free HTML hosting

Sometimes all you need is a plain simple way to share rich text online with no further features. Just a page with no comments, pictures, embedded media files and so on.

PasteHTML lets you do just that. It’s a free service that lets you easily publish html pages online without registration. Copy and paste your HTML code into the text area and click on the “Publish page” button to publish it online. That’s it.